Project Overview

Project Tune Your Mood® is

…. a youth health initiative that promotes engagement with young people and young people’s own engagement with music in their everyday life.

Project Tune Your Mood® is based on

….Dr Carmen Cheong-Clinch’s longstanding work in adolescent mental health and doctoral research about young people and their music engagement.

Project Tune Your Mood® aims to

…promote connection, help-seeking and healthy music engagement.

You are probably aware that young people who have emotional, mental and learning struggles find it difficult to engage with school and the community. Many are at risk and/or likely to be disengaged from school and life. Unfortunately they often do not seek the right help when needed.

Music – often described by young people as their lifeline, and widely researched as
young people’s natural resource, can be one of the best ways to make connections
with them.

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