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TYM 2015 Event Dates

Here are the dates for special TYM events happening throughout 2015

 March 2-13 – TUNE IN not out

We’re starting the year with getting to know TINO an award-winning and innovative youth health portal where young people can help and go to for facts and stories about going through the teenage years

May 18-29 – All about YOUR music

Running for the 5th year, Project Tune Your Mood® is about getting to know and connecting with young people through their most favourite thing in life – music. This year it’s all about musicking for fun, health and learning!

August 12 – September 4 – Being young, hip and healthy

Tune Your Mood® and TINO are kicking off the second half of the year with International Youth Day on August 12 and finishing off with Fresh Faced Friday on September 4. It’s a whole month focusing on all things to do with living, learning and flourishing as a young person (including those young at heart), ranging from literacy to body image.

October 4-11 – Music is the sound of feelings

During Mental Health Week, we will talk about our mental health with and through music.

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