From time to time, we’ll feature a couple of things that we think you might find useful or interesting. It might be a way for you to work with or think about young people. Or it might also be of interest to young people. 


Here are two factsheets which you can print out and give to young people when discussing how music listening and music making can impact on their mental health, and be used as a positive tool.

Music Listening and Our Mental Health Factsheet

Making Music and Our Mental Health Factsheet

Case Study & Info

  • Music Therapist, Sherrene Teh provides a case study of how she has used music to assist Yohan and his family. Download the case study here.
  • Find out here about a specifically designed Tune Your Mood program to work with at-risk young people and ESL learning in a school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
  • “What they said” is a small study that asked young people and nursing staff about their experiences and the role of music therapy in an inpatient facility. Find out more here.
  • Most people believe that music is a helpful part of their lives, but sometimes it’s not. Here’s a checklist that will be beneficial to find out more.
  • A lot of young people say “I will die without my music”. Find out why.
  • Find out more about music therapy in an adolescent inpatient unit.

Video Spot

We love this video which explains the teenage brain, especially at angsty-times.

Robin Spielberg’s talk on The Healing Power of Music

How playing an instrument benefits your brain – Anita Collins

Tune Your Mood in the Media

We were recently featured on the News in Mind website – read the article here.

TYM Playlists

Go to this link to check out young people’s playlists


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